The Sound Room Ltd (est. 2003) is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is run by composers/producers Tom Fox and Marshall Smith.  The Sound Room writes and produces music and sound design for film/tv, advertising, games & apps and artists all around the world.

Our services:

  • Music composition / songwriting / arrangement / production
  • Sound design / SFX / foley
  • Mixing for film & TV (7.1 surround)
  • Mixing & mastering for music
  • Voiceover casting and recording

What People Are Saying About Us:

“Marshall and Tom of The Sound Room scored our blue chip series Big Pacific.  The pictures were wonderful, the script was engaging but it was their music that brought the emotions of the stories to the screen. With ever shifting deadlines and recutting of the same shows many times over we put them through a trial by fire as they tried to keep up with the editorial changes we threw at them. Every step of the way they showed patience and grace while we did what we needed to do, barely leaving them time to do what they needed to do.  Nonetheless the outcome was thrilling.”
Craig Meade

Big Pacific – Showrunner

The Sound Room hits the right tune for any market.  It’s because of this we come back for more.  Working with Marshall and Tom is a pleasant experience since they have the patience and perseverance to deal with Client’s and Cirkus’ wishes and needs!
Marko Klijn

MD – Cirkus Animation




Per hour  (including engineer)                   $100 + GST
Per day (8 hour day – including engineer)  $600 + GST


Per project rates are preferred – please contact us for a quote.




Jingle / Themes                                    From $1200 + GST

Basic compositions or productions          From $600 + GST

Full radio single production                    From $1500 + GST

TVCs, games, apps, promos etc.            Please contact us for a quote.

Documentary / film original scores         Please contact us for a quote.




The Sound Room writes and produces beautiful high quality music and sound design for film, TV, games/apps, theatre, artists and bands all over the world.




Big Pacific, Hip-Hoperation, Morgan Freeman & ESPN, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery, PBS, BSkyB, ARTE, CCTV, NHK, BSkyB, ABC, Channel 10, SBS, SABC, TVNZ, TV3 and Maori TV.




Coca Cola, Porsche, McDonalds, Walls Cornetto & Taylor Swift, Suzuki, 7-Up, Rexona, Sunsilk, Dove, Mountain Dew, Panadol, Clear Shampoo, Comfort, TREsemmé, Hershey’s, Pepsodent, Lotto, Annabel Langbein, Genesis Energy, Mobil, Crown Lager, Metropolitan Life, United Travel and Vodafone.




CAPCOM Japan (Games), ImaginMe Games (Thailand / USA), Les Mills International, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Otago Settlers Museum, Basement Theatre, TAPAC, The Globe Theatre (UK).


Their tracks regularly feature round the world on channels like MTV, Nickelodeon, VH-1, Discovery and Fox and have been recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with David Arnold (James Bond, Massive Attack…).


The Sound Room has a large network of international publishing deals with 2000+ pieces published and regularly collaborates with clients, artists and writers all over the world.  It also has it’s own rapidly expanding online music library The Sound Library.


Tom has been part of a number of chart topping songs. Weeping, a song originally recorded and sung when he was a member of the band Bright Blue was recorded by multi-platinum selling artist Josh Groban and produced by Glen Ballard. This album went to #1 on the US charts and to date has sold in excess of 4 million copies.


Marshall won a place at the Berlinale in 2016, an ART Venture Award in 2012 for creative entrepreneurs and was granted a Professional Development Award in 2011 from the NZ Film Commission.  He has also been a finalist for song of the year in the APRA Silver Scrolls (2004).  Marshall is co-founder and Chairperson of the Screen Composers Guild of New Zealand.


The Sound Room has two purpose built recording studios in Takapuna and Bayswater also on the North Shore in Auckland with a range of other studios at their disposal for larger projects if required.


Tom and Marshall pride themselves on working with warmth, integrity and honesty; creating high quality music on time and on budget for clients big or small.


   Australian Songwriting Association National Songwriting Awards 2016
6th & 8th place in International Category for “Shine A Light” & “Me & Scott Walker”
Berlinale Talent Campus 2016
Berlin, Germany
Professional Development Award 2012
ART Venture Trust
Professional Development Award 2011
NZ Film Commission
WWF Ocean Views – Finalist 2011
‘Plankton & Rust’
Song of The Year USA – Honorable Mention 2011
‘Whenever You Call’
APRA Silver Scroll Awards – Finalist 2004
‘Grey Boy’
Nashville Songwriting Competition – Finalist 2004
‘Old Mustang’
International Song Competition – Finalist 2003
‘Rather Be Kissing You’
NZ RockShop Song Competition – 3rd 2001
‘Grey Boy’
South African Producer of The Year – 1998
Tom Fox



Army Dog
Feature Film – Score in collaboration with Mike Bloemendal
Director Ezra Kemp
Rogue Arts / Lionsgate (USA)
Hip Hop-eration
Feature length documentary – for international cinematic release – Score & theme song
Director Bryn Evans
Inkubator (NZ)
Brother Number One 
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Annie Goldson
Independent (NZ)
The 16th Man 
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Emmy Award Winner for Best Series
Director Cliff Bestall / Producer Morgan Freeman
ESPN Films (USA)
Finding Mercy
Feature Length & TV documentary for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Robyn Paterson
Producer Leanne Pooley
There Once Was An Island
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Briar March
Independent (NZ)
Feature film – Score for this independent feature film
Director Tim Tsiklauri / Producers Andy Sophocleous & Nicola Peeperkoorn
Crackheads Films (NZ)
Z-Nail Gang
Feature film – for cinematic release – Featured tracks.
Director Anton Steel
Producer Kylie DeBarca Steel
CommonUnity Producitons (NZ)
The Tap
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Dir. Toni Strasburg
Big World Cinema (South Africa)
Choosing Exile
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Marc Radomsky
ABC (Australia)
Stars In Her Eyes
Feature film – Score
Director Athina Soulis
Ample Films (NZ)


Big Pacific
5 x 1 hour documentary series
Brother Number One 
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Annie Goldson
Independent (NZ)
The 16th Man 
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Emmy Award Winner for best series
Director Cliff Bestall / Producer Morgan Freeman
ESPN Films (USA)
Dark Days In Monkey City
14 x 1 hour documentary series
Produced by NHNZ for Animal Planet
Finding Mercy
Feature Length & TV documentary for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Robyn Paterson
Producer Leanne Pooley
There Once Was An Island
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Briar March
Independent (NZ)
Donated To Science
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Paul Trotman
PRN Films / TV3 (NZ)
The Tap
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Dir. Toni Strasburg
Big World Cinema (South Africa)
Choosing Exile
Feature length documentary – for TV and cinematic release – Score
Director Marc Radomsky
ABC (Australia)
Orton The Whale
Theme music and featured music composed for this ongoing early childhood education series for Japan.
NHK Japan
Filthy Rich
A range of featured tracks for this local TV series.
Walk With Me
Score for this 1 hour TV documentary.
Directed by Justin Pemberton, Produced by Paula Jones.
Score for this 3 part TV documentary series.
Directed by Mahanga Pihanga
Maori TV.
Struggle Street
Score for this 3 part (3 hour) TV documentary series – Highest rated documentary ever on SBS.
Directed by Marc Radomsky
SBS Australia.
Educating Tama
Score for this 1 hour TV documentary.
Directed by Kathleen Mantel
Maori Television.
Rewriting History
Score for this feature length documentary.
Directed by Dr. Marc Radomsky
SBS Australia.
Practicing Medicine
Score for sequel to award winning documentary “Donated To Science”.
Directed by Dr. Paul Trotman, Produced by PRN Films.
TV3 ‘Inside NZ’ series
A Fine Death
Score for this short TV documentary.
Directed by Dr. Paul Trotman
Produced by PRN Films.
Finding Mercy
Feature Length & TV documentary for TVNZ – Score
Director Robyn Paterson
Producer Leanne Pooley
Moko The Dolphin 
Documentary for “Inside New Zealand” series TV3 – Selected pieces.
Director Amy Taylor
Producer Amanda Jones – Faultline Films (NZ)
Kia Ora Molweni
6 part TV documentary series (3rd in the ‘Kia Ora’ series) – Score
Director Mahanga Pihama
Producer George Andrews
Maori Television (NZ) and Te Mangai Paho
Tackling Peace
Score for this 1 hour TV documentary
Directed by Marc Radomsky
Channel Ten & Seven Australia


Music for 8 x 2 minute films about Rainbow Warrior
Music and mix for “Out Of Control” – 4 min short film
“Bad Tuna” – 1 minute short film
Ongoing series…
What Do You See?
Director Arthur Gay
Director Michael Miller
Zin Zan
Director Ben Walton
Music for 3 minute promo
Director Ricardo Turcios
Lowe Thailand
Jack Of All Trades – Animation Series
Music and sound design for this ongoing animation series
Director Romain Borell
Cirkus Animation (NZ)
Music and sound design for 4 minute promotional animation
Director Christian Greet
XM Software Developments (NZ)
Moo Moo Farms
Ongoing animated series 1′ – 3′ episodes – music & sound design (Online – worldwide)
Brainwave Trust
Music for series of 7 early childhood educational films
Director Fiona Copeland
Brainwave Trust (NZ)
Short film score
Director Dr. Sapna Samant
Holy Cow Productions (NZ)
Short film score
Director Hamish Mortland (NZ)
Skiing The Silk Road
30 minute short film score
Director Charlies North (NZ)
Exquisite Corpse 
Short animations x 2 – Score & SFX/foley
Producer Marko Klijn
Cirkus Animation (NZ)
Short film & animation – Score, sound design & mix
Director Sally Tran (NZ)
Russian Doll
Short film – Score
Director Tim Tsiklari (NZ)
Compromise & Insomnia 
Short films x 2 – Score & sound design
Director Candida Keithley (NZ)
Wong Cha Cha
Short film – Score
Director Alex Lee (NZ)


7UP – “Vintages” (Vietnam)
Annabel Langbein – 30″ TVC (NZ)
Auckland Transport – “Join The Movement” & ‘Travel Ninjas” (NZ)
Bachcare – 30″ Jingle (NZ)
Barcelona Football Club & Beko (Worldwide)
Beatnik Publishing – 180″ online (NZ)
Big Wednesday – Live show theme and background music and stings (NZ)
Citra – 15″TVC (Vietnam)
Clear Shampoo – “Cool DJ” & “Traffic Jam” (SE Asia)
Coca Cola – 2 x 30″TVCs (Vietnam)
Comfort – “Tonmai” (Thailand)
Cuddly – 30″ TVC (Australia / NZ)
Deadly Ponies – 60″ online (NZ)
Deadly Ponies “L.O.V.E” – 60″ online (NZ)
Diana – “Be Young” (Vietnam)
Diana – 15″ TVC (SE Asia)
Dove – “Extreme Recovery” (SE Asia)
Dove – “Orchid” (SE Asia & Latin America)
Dove “Feather” – 30″ + 15″ (Worldwide)
Dutch Lady – 15″ TVC (Vietnam)
Education New Zealand – Online x 5 (Singapore / NZ)
Fristi – 1 x 30″ TVC (Vietnam)
Greenpeace “Boom”, “Rivers”, “Tuna” & “Climate” – 60″ TVC (NZ)
Handicap International – 45″ TVC (Worldwide)
Hardy’s Healthfoods – 30″ Jingles x 2 (NZ)
Hazeltine – 15″TVC (Vietnam)
Hershey’s – “Firework” & “Road Trip” (Thailand)
Hoff (Yogurt) – “Race” (Vietnam)
Hyundai Surf Championships – Various themes (NZ)
Jalcon Homes – “Design” (NZ)
Kia 30″ TVC (NZ)
Kidney Kids New Zealand – 3 x 30″ TVC (NZ)
Kotex – “Sunkissed” (Vietnam)
Lotto – Main theme and score for Saturday prime time live draw (NZ)
McDonald’s – “Delivery” (UAE)
McDonald’s – “Spain” & “Portugal” (UAE)
Milkies – 3 x 30″ TVC (Vietnam)
Moo Moo Farms (NZ) – 3 x 60″ online (Worldwide)
Mountain Dew – 120″ Online (Vietnam)
NZ Pork – 30″ Online (NZ)
Panadol – 30″ TVC (Vietnam)
Pepsodent – “Gentle Gran” (SE Asia)
Pepsodent – “Sister”, “Grandmum”, “Supermarket” (Thailand)
Ponds – 30″TVC (Thailand)
Ponds Men – “Pollution Out” (Thailand)
Porsche – Online x 2 (Germany & Worldwide)
Rexona – “BFFs” – 13 x 20 – 30 (Worldwide)
Rexona – “Selfie” (Worldwide)
Ronald McDonald House – Music and sound design for live Ronald McDonald performances throughout the country.
SCB Bank – “Pinball” 30″ TVC (Singapore)
Shangra-La Hotels – “Christmas” 25 x 10″ (Worldwide)
Sovereign Insurance – 30″ online x 4 (NZ)
Spark – Internal promos – (NZ)
Spazio Casa – 30″Jingle (NZ)
Sunsilk “Hijab” – 2′ (Online – Worldwide)
Sustainable Business New Zealand – 3 x 30″ Online (NZ)
Suzuki – “Ertiga” (Vietnam)
Tea + Matcha (Vietnam)
Tim Tam – 15″TVC (SE Asia)
TREsemmé – 30″ TVC (Worldwide)
Trips & Tramps – 60″ online (NZ)
United Travel – 30″ TVC (NZ)
University of Auckland – Various online (ongoing) (NZ)
Walls – “Cornetto & Taylor Swift” (SE Asia)
Zuji travel – 30″ TVC (NZ)


CAPCOM (Japan)
Music for an ongoing series of games for this huge international gaming company.
ATTIC Inc. (Japan)
Ongoing series of music for Pachinko (arcade) games in Japan.
DAG (Japan)
Ongoing series of music for arcade and mobile phone games in Japan.
ImaginMe (Thailand & USA)
Music, casting, voice recording for ongoing series of interactive animated stories.
Pixelthis / Pik-Pok NZ
Series of games for IOS platform – Theme music & SFX
Pixelthis / Pik-Pok (NZ)
Audio Game Hub (NZ)
Voice recording for this series of 8 experimental games for non-sighted players.
Booktrack – The Girl Who Could Stop Time (NZ)
Soundtrack for this Ebook release of Marshall Smith’s novel.
Booktrack – “A Christmas Carol” (NZ)
Soundtrack for this Ebook release of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”.
An hour of orchestral music and themes as part of these interactive Ebook releases.
Booktrack – “Footsteps Through The Fog” (NZ)
Soundtrack for interactive e-book Margaret Mahy children’s book “Footsteps Through The Fog”.
Genesis Energy
Record, mix and master audio and SFX for a continuing series of Genesis Energy talking Ebooks for school children in English and Maori
Skoolbo (NZ & Australia)
Music mixing/editing, voice recording and editing in multiple languages for this ongoing educational games series.
Music composed for this time-stretching app in the UK.


Josh Groban & Ladysmith Black Mbaza
Will Martin (Universal)
The NZ Trio
Jack Body
David Long
Mike Chunn & Play It Strange
Nu’Ray & Tyree
King Kapisi
Gray Bartlett
Micks (Australia)
White Papoo (Rocstar Records UK)
Andrew Littlewood (UK)
Andy Ross (UK)
Gary Mill (UK)
Lyndon Connah (UK)
Phil Ogden (UK)
Haylee Fisher
Jason Kerrison
MC Kyla
Timmy Schummacher
The Topliners (USA)
Aaron Irving
Amara Duru (Nigeria / NZ)
Andrew Healey
Bruce Clark
Chris Nielson
Dan Borland
David Mindell (UK/France)
Dub Fayt
Emmy Laing
Fiona Benefield
Gemmo Quiray
Georgia Wood
Hannah Leigh
Kate Strankowski
Kate Wood
Kath Bee
Kelly Rose
Lauren Thomson
Lili Latham
Mardo El-Noor (EMI Middle East)
Mark Sutherland
Max Gunn
Mes & Wylde
Miz Ima Starr
Pete Hicks (UK / NZ)
Petra Rijnbeek
Phil Irving
Prince Dianna
Rick McKinley
Rob Arnold
Robbie White
Sarah Spicerz
Stella Mitsoulis
Steve Allen
Tamsyn Rose
The New Freedom
This Flight Tonight (Ralph Engle)



Auckland Art Gallery 
Commission for 2 x 50 minute live ambient performances for opening of the newly redeveloped Auckland Art Gallery on September 3 and September 10, 2011.
Otago Settlers Museum 
Sound design and pieces for a series of installations in this major redevelopment of this Dunedin museum.
Les Mills International
9 minute relaxation piece for cello and piano for international ‘Balance’ fitness classes.
Ronald McDonald House
Sound design and music for 30 minute live theatre piece for this NZ charity.
Hope Springs Eternal 
Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by David Arnold) for production music series.
BSkyB (UK)
Odyssey Indoor Maze
Sound design and music for state of the art indoor maze in central Auckland.
At What Cost?
Original musical written by Leny Woolsey
Arranged & produced by The Sound Room
Maori & Pacific Music Series
11 track Maori & Pacific music series for Audio Network Publishing International.
Young & Hungry Festival 2013
Music and sound design for 2 theatre productions ‘Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies’ (directed by Amelia Reid and Shadon Meredith) and ‘Dragonlore’ (directed by Curtis Vowell) at Auckland’s Basement Theatre.
Culture Clash 2013
Music and sound design for theatre piece at Auckland’s TAPAC centre.
Director Margaret-Mary Hollins.
Short & Sweet Theatre Festival 2012
Music and sound design for play ‘Perfect’ featuring in the festival.
Dir. Mike Dwyer.
Globe Theatre
Promotional TVCs – themes
Producer Paul Des Salles
London (UK)
NZ Olympic Team 
Sound Room tracks “Lift Yourself Up” and “We Fly Tonight” selected for NZ Olympic Team CD
NZ Olympic Team / APRA / Play It Strange Trust
Producer Mike Chunn
Creative Adventures
Music for meditation video series.


Mushroom Music Publishing (NZ + Australia)
Native Tongue (NZ & Australia)
BMG Music Publishing (South Africa)
Gallo Music Publishing (South Africa)
Getty/Pump Audio Publishing (USA)
Smashtrax Publishing (USA)
EStockmusic Publishing (USA)
Adrenalin Music Publishing (Australia)
Boom! Music Publishing (UK)
Woodcut Music Publishing (NZ)
Productiontrax Music Publishing (USA)
Sounddogs Music Publishing (USA)
Stock Music Publishing (Canada)
Music Supervisor Publishing (USA)
Big World Music (UK)
Lalela Music (USA & South Africa)
Media Music Now (UK)
Splashy Music Publishing (Canada)
Music Revolution (Canada)
Revostock (USA)
Musicloops & Partners In Rhyme (USA)
Audio Network (Australia / UK)
Jingle Punks (USA)
Skybound (USA)
Music Blender / Stashbox Music (USA)
4 Score and 7 (USA)
Fliktrax (USA)
Scorekeepers (USA)
Motion Elements (Singapore)
Playtunes (USA)
Sonoton (Germany)
Aeroplane Music (NZ)
Washington Street Publishing (USA)
Music Depot LA (USA)
LALA In The Box (USA)
Kicksta Music Group (USA)
Scapetunes (USA)
The Platform (NZ)